For the Calculation of Explosion Protection Devices for Dust, Gas and Hybrid Mixtures.

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The EN 14491:2006 “Dust explosion venting protective systems” was revised and the new EN 14491 released in August 2012. Because the new EN 14491:2012 contains several changes, it was necessary to update the WinVent 3.1e to WinVent 4.0 to guarantee that it represents still the state of the art. The new WinVent 4.0 is mainly based on EN 14491-2012 “Dust explosion venting protective systems”, VDI-3673, Part 1-2002 “Pressure release of dust explosions”, EN 14994-2007 “Gas explosion venting protective systems” and EN 14797-2006 “Explosion venting devices”.


The software calculates all required information of the protective measure “Explosion Venting” for different equipment and enclosures containing dusts, gases, or hybrid mixtures. The calculations apply to single equipment where appropriate explosion isolation measures have been taken to prevent flame propagation into other connected equipment. Complete calculations are given by the maximum recoil force, the duration of the recoil force as well as the transferred impulse, the maximum flame length, flame width and external pressure in the vicinity of the vent opening. If inputs are not according to the standards, WinVent 4.0 informs you and indicates incorrect inputs.

What is new?

  • WinVent 4.0 runs on all modern
    Windows from 7 to 10
  • WinVent 4.0 is optimized for tablet
    PC with touch screen
  • Free update via Internet (software,
    application, manual, help and masks)
  • Various small “nice to have”
  • Operation of WinVent 4.0

Update Info

Existing WinVent installations can be updated free of charge. Follow the description in the document WinVent 4.0 Update.

Ordering Information

The WinVent 4.0 software can be downloaded and installed. But until registration the program has only restricted functionality. You can order WinVent 4.0 by e-mail at and you will receive an invoice. After receipt of payment, we send an e-mail with the registration code.

Net Prices for Licenses

  • License for 1:        € 500
  • License for 3:        € 1’275
  • License for 5:        € 1’900
  • License for 10:      € 3’000
  • License for 20:      € 4’400
  • License for 30:      € 5’500